Nationalism vs Globalism: The Mayfair Set

THE real story about nationalism vs globalism is not immigration, Brexit, or any of the other issues that the media packages for the public. The issue is between national culture and the culture of money. Taken to its extreme point, the culture of money would create a repeat of the breakdown of the nation state into warring strongmen with private armies. Europe has seen this in the past, during the Hundred Years War and the Condottiere of Northern Italy, but with modern weaponry and technology these periods of chaos would pale into insignificance.

Many of these themes, particularly of the genesis of this movement away from a national economy towards a globalised money economy are explored in this BBC series by Adam Curtis. And many of the names on "The Lavender List" were intimately associated with the "Mayfair Set", in particular Sir James Goldsmith. It traces the changeover from national economic planning and an industrial production based economy, to a speculative, finance based economy dependent on consumption and debt.

Harold Wilson represents the last government of this country pledged to national development and determination, and the dirty tricks and smear campaign were started (and continued) in order to make sure that that type of government would never re-occur in this country.