The Plot Against Harold Wilson (2006) BBC TV

TWO BBC productions were made about Lady Falkender and Harold Wilson’s time in Downing Street. The first, “The Lavender List” was subject to a successful libel suit. The second went uncontested. Ironically the second programme the BBC made was broadcast at the same time as the first, but the fact that the “Lavender List” was actually a continuation of the same plot against Wilson into the twenty first century was lost on the BBC. The plot against Wilson was real. In fact it never ended, which is why we describe the “Lavender List” as a forty year-long British Intelligence operation. This programme is an excellent starting point for an overview of the issues involved around Harold Wilson. As I pointed out in another blog post, it would be a big mistake to think that the opposition to Wilson was because he was either a Communist or extreme ideologue. It was precisely his moderation, lack of ideology, his intellectual mildness that made him dangerous. The public may enjoy the various emotional spasms characteristic of ideologues as political “entertainment” but in reality what they really want is someone intelligent enough to understand the issues and manage complex situations but who is also sufficiently rooted not to drift off into political dogma that ignores the basic realities and truths of life. Harold Wilson had that combination of virtues. The battle that the Plot Against Wilson represents, Nationalism vs Globalism, is still raging to this day. (Aside: there is no mention of the 1976 Resignation Honours List in this programme; rather, it is trying to provoke a more intelligent understanding of the politics of the era)


The Plot against Harold Wilson a Short Review

TO most people in the early twenty first century, this drama may seem to cover subjects so unfamiliar they constitute an alien landscape. The oppressive social straightjacket of the British class system appears to have been loosened. Many of the suffocating conventions of the era have gone. The visible signifiers, dress codes, mannerisms and behaviours of the ruling caste have gone and so the public assumes they have gone.  You are no longer turned away from genteel establishments if your appearance, manner or speech are wrong with a quiet but airy superiority. Yet rub up against areas that are genuinely important to the power structure, rather than the areas the media tells the public are important, and you will suddenly feel the cold implacable wall of a caste system that hasn’t changed one jot.

The Race of Money

I will continue to call it a caste system rather than a class system, because it is hereditary, and because the mentality of the people in control of this country more closely represents the mentality of a race rather than a grouping loosely defined by financial wealth. We could call it the race of money. At the top of this caste system there is still the Queen. Do not be fooled that the Queen is a conservative (small ‘C’ or big ‘C’). The honours system alone tells you that she is honouring a very broad range of people. Many of them, including the ones on the 1976 Resignation Honours List, turn out to be less than salubrious. It would be pointless to point at the peculiar death of Eric Miller for instance without first wondering about “Sir” Rolf Harris, or “Sir” Jimmy Savile, and for that matter how many other “Sirs” in this country have similarly shadowy habits but we have yet to hear about it.

So these people may have abandoned top hats and tails but make no mistake, they are still very much in the driving seat.

Who Governs Britain?

So the question this documentary raises is relevant to modern Britain, very relevant. It is relevant because despite appearances there is a perfect continuity of policy between the people who conducted the smear campaign against Harold Wilson in the 1970s and the second incarnation of it starting in 2001. Just as Harold Wilson and Lady Falkender were left to deal with the consequences of the smear campaign in the 1970s on their own without their party’s backing, Lady Falkender was left to deal with the consequences of the second incarnation of the same smear campaign on her own. That tells you that the real power that runs this country was exactly the same over the period of 1976 to 2018, that changes in the political party in office made absolutely no difference to the real power structure, and never will.

In The Plot Against Harold Wilson the Prime Minister refers to “democracy as we know it” being “in grave danger”. He continues

“…prominent people are coming under attack. I think you as journalists should investigate the forces which are threatening democratic countries like Britain The dirty tricks against myself and also my government…..those rumours (smears)….with Marcia I am suing the Sunday Express (for libel)… groups and other anti-democratic agencies….these people are putting our whole idea of democracy at risk.”

Whether subconsciously or consciously, you often see British establishment code-words being used in the media, words that mean one thing to the viewers and something completely different to our rulers.

 The best example of this is the word “Britain” itself, which to the public means the people of the country, whereas to the rulers it means their own particular Race of Money and their tax farm (the UK). So, what’s “Good for Britain, means what’s good for them not you, even though when you hear it you think it means you. “Democracy” equally to the public is interpreted as something in harmony with the comforting fiction that their opinions matter and that they can affect events. To the rulers, on the other hand, democracy refers to the system of controlled choice, mass brainwashing, blackmail and even assassination disguised as “natural causes” that makes sure that whomever you vote for the “right” people are running the country.

“Who Governs Britain” therefore was the slogan used by Edward Heath in the 1974 General Election decrying the power of the Trades Unions, who to be sure had veered off out of the realm of legitimate grievances and into the realm of industrial sabotage, but deep down the catch line was an appeal to the people who really run Britain and always do.